February 23, 2011

Project Love-Kate Spade Ampersand DIY

 Since I have a love for all things Kate Spade, wouldn't I also love the Kate Spade Ampersand?  Of course!  And since it isn't available for purchase, won't I just have to make one?  Of course!

Many have made one, including, Caitlin Wilson

I generally followed Camila's diy.  My version...

Instead of using the contact paper, I just cut out the ampersand template Camila provided ( I did shrink it a little, I wanted mine on an 8x10 canvas), traced it onto a canvas already painted white, then painted the appropriate areas magenta.  I also used an acrylic paint pen in white for touch-up.  That pen is genius.  And voila- c'est fini!


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